About Al-Zaika Restaurent

We welcome you at Al-Zaika where taste does matter. We understand foods are very important aspect of our daily life. We inform, encourage and offer better quality food to taste. We are Mughlai expert and will make you remember of Mughal era's food habits. We inhabit Mughal culture in our menu where food management and serving techniques gives you a feel of Mughal culture. We want you to feel taste in a better way. Come and enjoy taste with us.

Indian cooking is an art derived over the centuries from a diversity of sources and developments. Factors such as Religion, health, customs and even climatic conditions have played their part. Meal-times in an Indian household are like ceremonial occasions; the food is a gift from Deities and should be prepared with due respect.

In this restaurant we present Mughal and Desert dishes as a sample of the variety of classic india food found across the Indian Sub-continent. We augment this with a series of specially perfected dishes created by our team of long serving chefs who demand only the best.

Our food is what has won as so much acclaim and we continue our dedication to this art each and every night. Our efforts have been rewarded with numerous awards over the years and we hope to continue to excite diners in the future.

We also provide catering services for private functions including family celebration, weddings, corporate and community events. We are capable or handling up to 5,000 patrons a day, usually on busy weekends or public holidays.

    Our Values
  • We are in business to meet our customers needs.
  • We believe in empowering our staff to resolve customers concerns on the spot. We treat our employees as we want them to treat our customers.
  • We believe in continuing our Family Tradition.
  • We believe in you the customer, and by this tradition we will continue to make a reasonable profit, that will allow us to remain competitive, healthy, community involved, and a Family Restaurant where generation will continue to gather.
  • We seek your comments, for we realize to exceed your expectations, we need to know what they are.
  • Your safety, health, comfort, nourishment and Quality Service are Number "One" to US!!!

Our Vision
    To maintain a profitable operation that will continue our TRADITION of Quality Family dining, at reasonable cost, in a comfortable atmosphere, with exceptional service.
Our Mission
    To provide a wholesome dining experience, with Top Quality food and a staff that wants to exceed the CUSTOMERS expectations!!

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Al-Zaika Restaurent
A-53, Pandav Nagar
Near Mother Dariy,
New Delhi - 110092

Contact No:
+91 9958 56 3636